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Still the legendary bistro style pavement cafĂ© of yester year, the Thorn Tree, with its famous message board is a Nairobi Landmark and is the place to meet or eat or, like Ernest Hemingway did in the 30s, ‘just watch the world go by’. As Nairobi opened up through the railway in the 1900’s, the tree (genus acacia xanthophildea), became a makeshift post box for travelers who left mail pinned onto its trunk and backpackers in Africa met there to get information. While the original tree no longer stands, a third generation tree still stands tall, and is the most famous meeting place in East Africa. The mystic nature of the acacia tree as a “Messenger” is as old as the biblical era as it is said that when God first appeared to Moses in the desert, it was a burning bush that carried the message. A century old Message Board and Nairobi’s first Post Office, “The secrets of the Thorn Tree” will reveal messages pinned by travelers over the years to date. Brace yourself to meet personalities that will enthrall you with their heartfelt charm, humor, and the occasional romance.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Tourists To All Kenyans

You are blessed with a wonderful country full of wild animals and tall mountains.
Make use of this God given presents. 

From All of us To Irene Sekenan

Thanks for the treat. We'll surely be back.

From Maxine to Anyone and Everyone

Only saw 4 out of the Big 5, but the food and service @ Thorn Tree made it all better!!!

From Cheptoo To Anne Mwihaki

For as long as Trey Songs is a hunk and Charlie a jerk, you'll be my best friend.
Best friends forever!!

From Raf Jah/ Andri Bruhwiler To All overland Travellers

If you made it here and you came by land, then congratulations. Well done. You too will understand the sense of achievement.
Take care, Enjoy Kenya and Travel safe.

From Stefano & Sarbina

We found a beautiful country and have enjoyed everything of it. We hope soon or after to come back again!!

Thank you for your hospitality.

From Margie To Kenya

Two wonderful weeks on Safari in Kenya. Dinner st Stanley's a great way tp spend last night. 
Kenya, you and your people are beautiful..

Saturday, February 26, 2011

From Barbara to Ruth

I too, was here 30 years ago! This is my first visit back since then. I wonder if we met? Wonderful to see the Thorn Tree concept still alive even though the old tree has gone. Barbara

From Senior & Junior Koponen to Reaktor


From Her Grateful Admirer to The Lady who...

Whose eyes burn with fires of Balinese volcanoes... Whose hair flows like the winding Nile...Whose lips purse like sweetest Accore fruit...Whose voice is a melody that makes Angels weep... I love you...

From Raf Jah / Andrs Bruhwiler to All Overland Travellers

If you made it here and you came by land then congratulations. Well done you too will understand the sense of achievement . Take care. Enjoy Kenya and travel safe.

From Stefano & Sabrina to People of Kenya

We have a found beautiful country and have enjoyed everthing of it. We hope soon after to come back again!! Thanks for your Hospitality.

From Wanderman to Beomkwekerij

Was hier alleen moor oin het dure T-bier te drinken. amdat we deze ze boom wilden zien! Zana en Alwin.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

From Carol & Steve K

When you get here call us

Loren (South Africa) to all


From Nila to Lindsey

Wish you were here with me! you would love it here. The people are wonderful & the Giraffes are pretty good Kissers! xo

November 4, 2010

From Tone, Norway to who ever needs it

Bless the Lord my soul and bless God's holy life. He gives me life to live

From Simon to Edwina + Shannon you are! Wishing you guys a great African adventure. Have fun.


From Seattle International Distributors To All farmers

Please call us for a demo. New technology in farming.


From Guido (PAPA) To Luuas & Florian

Dear Sons
I hope that when you find this i will have thaught you all the best i know: Go and see the world! 
06 September 2010.