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Still the legendary bistro style pavement cafĂ© of yester year, the Thorn Tree, with its famous message board is a Nairobi Landmark and is the place to meet or eat or, like Ernest Hemingway did in the 30s, ‘just watch the world go by’. As Nairobi opened up through the railway in the 1900’s, the tree (genus acacia xanthophildea), became a makeshift post box for travelers who left mail pinned onto its trunk and backpackers in Africa met there to get information. While the original tree no longer stands, a third generation tree still stands tall, and is the most famous meeting place in East Africa. The mystic nature of the acacia tree as a “Messenger” is as old as the biblical era as it is said that when God first appeared to Moses in the desert, it was a burning bush that carried the message. A century old Message Board and Nairobi’s first Post Office, “The secrets of the Thorn Tree” will reveal messages pinned by travelers over the years to date. Brace yourself to meet personalities that will enthrall you with their heartfelt charm, humor, and the occasional romance.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

To Hans Hollink from Woherende Fongenis

From an enthusiastic guest

To Accenture Kenya Team from Vinay

You will find this restaurant
 very nice. 
Try the stake - it is yum. 15/07/10

Kenia from Espanja - Zaragoza

To Dean, Mr. Lamphyth, and Dr. John From the Dutch Dr.

Enjoyed the conference and the company of lunch

           10/ 01/2000

to Jecinta Mulla & Family from Peter & Pat

 Thank you for looking after us for the last 6 weeks - coming to the Stanley introduced us to the Thorn Tree and its great traditions of the pinning a message on its Trunk

                  Love from Ma & PA

To Ali N. Juma from Cees and Joke Koke